Privacy Notice

Permit Capital Advisors, LLC (the “Company”) is committed to handling information regarding its partners responsibly. New technologies have dramatically changed the way information of all kinds is gathered, used and stored, but the importance of preserving the security and confidentiality of partner information has remained a core value of the Company. We recognize and respect the privacy expectations of each of our partners. We believe the confidentiality and protection of partner information is one of our fundamental responsibilities.

In the course of doing business with clients, the Company collects nonpublic personal information about clients. “Nonpublic personal information” is personally identifiable financial information about clients. For example, it includes client name, address, social security number, assets and income, account balance, bank account information and purchase and redemption history. The SEC’s Regulation S-P (Privacy of Consumer Financial Information), which was adopted to comply with Section 504 of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, requires investment advisors to disclose to clients their policies and procedures regarding the use and safekeeping of personal information.


What does the Company do with your personal information?

Financial companies choose how they share your personal information. Federal law gives consumers the right to limit some but not all sharing. Federal law also requires us to tell you how we collect, share, and protect your personal information. Please read this notice carefully to understand what we do.

We have collected various types of personal information. This information can include:

  • Social Security number and investment experience
  • Wire transfer instructions and account transactions
  • Assets and income level

When you are no longer our partner, we may continue to share your information as described in this notice.

All financial companies need to share customers’/partner’ personal information to run their everyday business. In the section below, we list the reasons financial companies can share their customers’/partners’ personal information; the reasons the Company chooses to share; and whether you can limit this sharing.

Reasons we can share your personal information

Does the Company share? Can you limit this sharing?
For our everyday business purposes— such as to process your transactions, maintain your account(s), to respond to court orders or legal investigations, and to comply with regulations Yes No
For our marketing purposes— to offer our products and services to you Yes No
For joint marketing with other financial companies No We don’t share without your authorization.
For our affiliates’ everyday business purposes— information about your transactions and experiences Yes No
For our affiliates’ everyday business purposes— information about your creditworthiness Not Applicable We don’t share without your authorization.
For non-affiliates to market to you No We don’t share without your authorization.


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Who we are

Who is providing this notice?
Permit Capital Advisors, LLC

What we do

How does the Company protect my personal information?
To protect your personal information from unauthorized use and access, we maintain security measures that comply with federal law, including computer safeguards and secured files and buildings. We restrict access to non-public personal information about you to those employees who need to know that information to provide products or services to you. We adhere to the policies and practices described in this policy regardless of whether you are a current or former limited partner.

How does the Company collect my personal information?
We collect your personal information, for example, when you

  • Submit a subscription agreement or account application
  • Enter into investment advisory agreements
  • Provide your government-issued ID
  • Enter into other required forms and agreements
  • Tell us other information in correspondence or telephone contacts regarding your accounts

We also collect your personal information from other companies.

Why can’t I limit all sharing?
Federal law gives you the right to limit only:

  • sharing for affiliates’ everyday business purposes—information about your creditworthiness
  • affiliates from using your information to market to you
  • sharing for non-affiliates to market to you

State laws and individual companies may give you additional rights to limit sharing.


Companies related by common ownership or control. Our affiliates include financial companies such as those included in the list below.

Companies not related by common ownership or control. Non-affiliates we share with can include your broker or agent, or service providers who maintain or service customer accounts for the Company.

Joint marketing
A formal agreement between nonaffiliated financial companies that together market financial products or services to you.

The Company does not jointly market.

Our Privacy Principles

  • We only collect client information that we need in order to perform our investment advisory service.
  • We do not sell client information.
  • We do not provide client information to persons or organizations outside our firm for their own marketing purposes.
  • We require any person or organization providing services to clients on our behalf to protect the confidentiality of client information.
  • We afford prospective and former clients the same protections as existing clients with respect to the use of personal information.


How the Advisor safeguards information
Within the Advisor, access to nonpublic personal information about clients is limited to our employees and in some cases to third parties (for example, the service providers described above) as permitted by law. The Advisor and its service providers maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard shareholder nonpublic personal information.

This policy applies to Permit Capital Advisors, LLC and each investment vehicle to which Permit Capital Advisors, LLC serves as the general partner and/or investment advisor.

How we protect privacy on-line
When visiting our website, the only information we collect about you is your domain name, date and time of your visit, pages on our site that you visit, and the Internet address of the website through which you found us. We plan to use this information collectively and only to improve your online experience. We do not collect any non-public information when you access the website.